I. hire hire 1 [haɪə ǁ haɪr] verb [transitive]
1. HUMAN RESOURCES to employ a person or an organization for a short time to do a particular job for you:

• The company has hired an investment banking firm to assist with managing its pension fund.

2. HUMAN RESOURCES to agree to give someone a permanent job:

• The company has just hired 250 new staff.

• The board has hired and fired a number of top chief executives in the past few years.

hire somebody as something

• He was hired as the company's chairman last year.

3. COMMERCE to pay money to use something for a period of time; = rent AmE:

• You can hire a car at the airport.

hire something/​somebody → out phrasal verb [transitive]
to allow someone to use something or someone for a period of time in exchange for money:

• They hire out photocopiers and other office equipment.

• a company that hires out computer engineers

  [m0] II. hire hire 2 noun
1. [uncountable] COMMERCE an arrangement by which someone borrows something for a period of time in exchange for money; = RENTAL:

• All our equipment is available for hire.

• The engine is on hire from a local firm.

• We want to keep hire charges on plant and machinery to a minimum.

2. [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES someone who starts to work for an organization; = RECRUIT:

• The firm's hires included economist Richard Hoey and investment strategist Joseph Cohen.

• Nearly half Andersen's new hires are women.

* * *

hire UK US /haɪər/ verb [T]
HR to employ someone in a permanent job: »

Increased business means that the company will need to hire 15 new sales staff.

hire sb as sth »

A supervisor noticed her potential and hired her as a trading trainee.

be hired by sb/sth »

Employees hired by a public agency after July 1 will automatically be enrolled in the new contribution plan.


Managers are given a free hand in hiring and firing employees.

HR to pay a person or company to do a particular job for a short period of time: »

We will hire a contractor to consider what can be done that is cost effective.

US rent) COMMERCE to pay to use something for a short period of time: »

They hired a billboard in a prominent position on Oxford Street to promote the event.

See Note RENT(Cf. ↑rent)
hire UK US /haɪər/ noun
[U] US rental) COMMERCE an arrangement in which someone pays to use something for a short period: car/equipment/plant hire »

Prices include return flights and car hire.


There are plenty of cars available for hire.


a hire business/company/firm

[C] HR a person who a company or organization employs in a permanent job: additional/fresh/new hires »

Three-quarters of the debt-collection industry's new hires quit after just three months.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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